More Successful Kills

005-3-243x182This gray was taken in October 2012 using mouth calls. It was shot with a .223 at 30 yds.

009-243x182This 45lb male was shot in November 2012 at approximately 50 yds. using a .223 and mouth calls.

joe multiple coyotes-243x182These seven dogs were taken in late December 2012 on a midwest hunt using a .243. Two of the seven were shot at night using an electric call.

ny jan 2013-243x182Both were taken January 2013 on the same stand using a .223 and a combination of mouth and electric calls. First one shot at 145 yds. and the second one shot while running at over 200 yds.

022-243x182The eyes of this 35lb male were picked up at over 250 yds. away while using mouth and electric calls. It was shot at approximatey 70 yds. with a .223 during the 2013 Mosquite Creek Hunt.

ny nov 2012-243x182This 43lb male was howled in using a mouth call in early November 2012. It came charging in and was shot at 40 yds. with a .223.

020-243x182This red was taken in early November 2012 using mouth calls. Shot at 150 yds. with a .17 Hornet.

012-243x182Shot this male at 80 yds. in mid December 2012 using a .223 and a combination of mouth and electric calls.

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