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Check out this predator hunter who is using the new Night Eyes predator hunting lights on the youtube video mentioned below. My opinion, is that both of these lights are outstanding, I give them a A+ rating. I've been using them for a couple of months now, they are not effected by the bitter cold weather like we have been having during the past few weeks. They use only one 18650 rechargeable battery; when charging the battery, you keep it in the tube, the charging cord is connected directly to the battery holder. The scanning Super mini red LED headlight is so light weight, you don't even know that you have it on your head. The light has three settings, FULL beam, a SECOND beam that is completely programable, you can dim the beam down from a 100% to 0%. I set the brightness between 40 - 60% while scanning. You'll be able to see the predators eyes at 200+ yards. The run time on 50% brightness is about 8 hours. The run time on 100% brightness is approximately 3 and1/2 hours. If you turn the light off and want to go back to the second beam, it keeps the % setting that you had previously set. The THIRD beam is a beam that pulsates as a blinking signal. A small control switch is located on the side of the headband. The supplemental red gun light is light weight and is also very good, in my opinion, I feel that it's beam extends farther than any others that are available. The pressure switch is dual mode. The front is a silent on/off and the middle is monetary on. Both of the lights mentioned are equipped with a low battery warning and a protective shut off. They blink 20 minutes prior to give the hunter a signal that it's battery is getting low prior to shutting off. For raccoon hunters, the lights can be ordered with a white LED light. I understand they also have an accessory, a small battery pack about the size of a credit card that is available for use by raccoon hunters. These predator red hunting lights are reasonably priced, with free shipping.

Tom M. from PA

hey I shot another coyote last night a beautiful blond with red guard hairs. here are some pics of the last couple nights. I love the lights and they have totally changed night hunting for me.

Jim C. from N.Y.
tim.w. 2013-03-01-

Joe, Your night eyes products have brought a whole new " light " to my night hunting. I've tried a lot of other lights in my 30 + years of predator hunting but none have even come close to the quality and performance of NIGHT EYES. I shutter to think about what I HAVEN'T seen in the past. Thanks,

Tim W from N.Y.
MikeT NY

I spotted this female using the Night Eyes Headlamp at 200 yards on low beam. I was able to make the shot at 150 yards using the Night Eyes Gun Light. Worked great Joe. Thanks!

Mike T. NY

Night Eyes best lights ever! Smaller and brighter than any other lights I've used!

Randy D of Pa.

I have been testing out the Night Eyes headlamp and gun light. This is the best light I have ever used and I have quite the collection of lights including a kill light, a stinger,a surefire, a primos 150 and several others. This is better than them all combined. Smaller , lighter, quieter switch. Better battery circuitry built in and when I dropped in my pool it stayed lit and there was no water inside when I fished it out. I can tell it was designed by a predator hunter for predator hunting and not just another flashlight converted to use hunting. And best of all it is $30 cheaper than the kill light. Thanks Night Eyes for making the best lights I have ever used.

L. Scott

Recently I received a new predator light to evaluate. Here is my writeup: Night Eyes Predator Light Evaluation (Headlamp) I received this light a while back for testing, and according to my website, I stated I would evaluate any equipment on a fair and impartial basis. These are the results of my testing: This light is manufactured out of machined aluminum, and the housing holds the reflector, glass lens and a red high intensity Cree LED. Standard adjustable elastic fabric holds everything together. The unit comes with two (2) 18650 rechargeable batteries and a wall charger. What is unique about the charging setup is that you charge the battery right in the holder on the headlamp by plugging the cord into a small connector on the right side of the battery housing. This also has the capability for larger battery packs to be attached, and is reverse polarity protected in case you put the battery in backward. design is that there is an adjustable dimmer which works electronically and sets a secondary brightness which you choose. Directions are easy to get into the dimmer mode. Once that is done, you hit the switch once for full on. The second hit will allow the light to go to the lower setting you chose in the dimmer mode, and it stays there every time you turn it on or off. I tried this and dimmed it to about 50% and could still see eyes out to 200 yards. Run time on 50% is close to 8 hours, and 3.5 hours for full brightness. This light also has an auto shutoff circuit so that the battery will not totally discharge and ruin things. (You'll see a warning blink to let you know it's time to charge) There are also other modes to signal a partner who might be hunting with you, and they are explained well enough in the instructions. During testing I thought that the battery holder, which is a cylinder located directly on the rear of the unit, would be a bit heavy or distracting, but that was not the case because the battery was so light, and the housing is light aluminum. I could see very well past the bill of my hat, and I was very surprised to see that the halo was out in front of me by at least 6 feet or more, thus allowing me to fully hide myself behind the light (even on half setting...50%. A coil cord allows good movement from the connector to the light. There is a three (3) year warranty on the system. Overall I am very impressed Please be reminded that I am not selling this light, nor do I have a financial interest.

John Dancy http://www.huntatnight.com/

I used my new head light last night and was amazed with brightness. It worked great. I was able to take this 15 lb fm gray with the light at 65 yards easily. Thanks again for a great light.

Tim S. from PA

I have a Kill Light XLR250 and a Night Eyes as well. Only thing I will say is that the remote switch for the Night Eyes shooting light is CONSTRUCTED MUCH BETTER than the Kill Light switches. I've been through three or four Kill Light pressure switches in two seasons.